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Phenix films is exploring new vantage points on our  planet.  We are committed to bringing you valuable insight and images that will help you to a new perspective, vision with a journey that will last a life time.  



Contemporary artist and photographer

22 John ST #35 Seattle Wa. 98109

PH#: 206.588.5576

"The start of motion from a world of stills, is the next step, with a step off the cliff into the AIR I go."






A little about the one they call ERIK VISION.

ERIK has worked as a still photographer for 20 years Seattle and Southern California.

As in life we are always undergoing change for the good or for the bad. So the next chapter of my life and my work is underway currently in Seattle. Its the combining of the creative world of the imagination and the hard reality of everyday life. In the paged of this site you will be able to explore my work from the past , present and future and follow the progression.

Skills I have developed, multiple aerial / drone video assignments, problem resolution, excellent customer relations, the creation of video and printed promotional items, the management of large groups in stressful situations, and creating high quality products since 1995. 

I have photographed hundreds of varying project and events that have included travel to China, Ireland, Mexico, and various locations in the United States. In addition, I have volunteered my photographic services for fundraising and charity events while concurrently managing my own business, professional liaisons, and organizing large-scale events.

Most important is that my service in the Navy and Army instilled the ability to work effectively within a team environment that adhered to rigorous ethical standards of conduct, integrity, and honesty.

My work can be viewed at the following

HBO, W-Seattle Hotels, Buffalo Niagara, Grand Pacific Hotel, Dilettantes Chocolates, Expediters International, BF Goodrich, Boeing Landing Gear, Bill Gates Center for Technology, IKEA, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Symphony, Mary Bridge Children's Foundation, Paul Allen opening of the EMP in Seattle, and Halston Signature Collection.

NW Aids foundation, D.I.F.F.A, 
The 2000 Betty Boen Memorial Award Ceremony, 
Juvenile Diabetes, Chefs Night Out, 
Mary Bridge Children's Foundation, 
Pacific North West Ballet, 
PONCHO’S Art Foundation, 
Gilda’s Club "Evening of Hope", The Special Olympics &Human RightsCampaign Dinner.

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power .



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