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Contemporary artist and photographer

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"The start of motion from a world of stills, is the next step, with a step off the cliff into the AIR I go."





(Non) Attack of the Drones yields unusual views


By Matt Parker

With international debate about the uses of drones, you might be skeptical of local artists testing the limits of drone media. One artist, however is exploring the power of drone technology with local real estate brokers from Keller Williams offices in South King County.

Drones are widely described as unmanned aerial vehicles. They have been primarily used by the U.S. military for years for surveillance and now air strikes. They range in size from about one foot in diameter to a "small plane." The drone used by local artist Erik Vision, Phenix Films, is a 16" diameter helicopter with four rotors. It travels in any direction the operator wants and has a range of about 1,000 feet.

"Phenix Aerial takes seriously the responsibility of discovery with morals. We will not produce media for you if you do not have permission to capture that media. We will not explore air space near or in forbidden air space."


This from Erik Vision of what he calls Phenix Films; a Seattle-based drone imagery company. They will get you drone photography at a fraction the cost of helicopter acquired media while adhering to any/all governmental and social regulations.

Currently, there is one main regulation: a height limit of 400' for "hobby" drones. Vision, though, tells us he has no interest in breaking any "social regulations" either. For example, taking a video or image of anything private.

At this point, most of his work has been artistic, along with several real estate photo shoots for high end real estate. Real estate brokers are contacting him nearly daily, he tells us, for imagery that will set their listings and their businesses apart from the rest.

"Phenix is committed to exploring new vantage points on our planet, while... respecting our privacy. We are committed to bringing you valuable insight and images..." To contact Vision and Phenix Films, find them on Facebook where you can see, nearly daily, new video and imagery.


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